How Much Gout Have You Got?

Does anyone ask you how much gout you’ve got? No! It’s pointless as you either have gout or not. So just learn your uric acid level. Then set a safe target.

Asking How Much Gout Have You Got is like asking How Pregnant Are You?

It’s totally pointless! Even worse than pointless, it’s evil!

You might wonder how a blood test result can be evil. Let me explain.

I’m a male. Like the post menopausal woman who wrote to me about her uric acid test results, a pregnancy test has no value to me. But I know how important they are. Imagine if a pregnancy test result came back with a Normal Range.

Normal range for children = 1.1-1.4

If it’s your first child, you’re worrying how to get another third of a child. If it’s your second, you’re worrying which bits they’ll chop off. If it’s your fifth, do you worry about infanticide?

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There’s No Blood Test For Gout!

There’s no blood test for gout. But medics don’t understand. Gout is not normal. Excess uric acid is dangerous. Say no to normal uric acid. Fight back now.

People thought I was talking about a blood test for gout, earlier. I was careful to explain about uric acid blood tests.

It’s an important distinction, because it affects your gout diagnosis, and subsequent treatment. Blood test results can suggest gout, but they are not testing for gout.

Think of it like testing a car. You can check if there’s enough fuel in it. But that won’t tell you why the car won’t start.

See why There’s No Blood Test For Gout!

Sharing Your Uric Acid Blood Test Results

Why is sharing your uric acid blood test important? Most doctors don’t understand the results. Normal uric acid can be dangerous. Make sure you’re safe now.

Sharing your uric acid blood test is important.

Let’s look at how you can share your uric acid blood test results. But first, let me tell you why it is important to share.

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True Normal Uric Acid Range is 2 to 3 mg/dL

A key failing of the normal uric acid calculation is the inclusion of sick people.

To explain, when labs calculate normal uric acid statistics they use test results from “healthy” people. So they exclude people who are known to have gout. But they don’t exclude people with high uric acid if they are not diagnosed with gout.

Now I’ve always maintained that this is wrong. Because uric acid levels above 6.8 mg/dL without gout symptoms is a recognized illness – asymptomatic hyperuricemia. So any results higher than 6.8 should be excluded when the labs calculate the normal range statistics. Then we would know the true normal uric acid range for healthy people. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

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Welcome to NUANT

Here’s where you can get involved with the gout campaign to get better treatment quality.

Uric acid management is the foundation for effective gout control. Yet, many doctors do not understand the numbers. They are happy to accept statistical normal values for uric acid. But, normal uric acid is often not medically safe.

N.U.A.N.T. iconIf you want to get involved, or if you just want to know how to get your uric acid safe, please let me know.

NUANT: Why is it vital for your gout?

NUANT is a campaign for commonsense uric acid testing. Normal uric acid is only a statistic. Normal may not be medically safe. Normal Uric Acid? No Thanks!

I started NUANT in June 2011. Progress has been less than I hoped for. Is there ever enough time to campaign for better understanding of uric acid?

During 2015 I will reach out to gout sufferers. I will reach out to those who care enough to campaign for better gout treatment. Together, we can smash the myths that surround normal uric acid. We can promote better health for millions of people.

Here is an update to my original first post:

NUANT – Normal Uric Acid? No Thanks!

Normal Uric Acid? No Thanks! (NUANT) is the first of my campaigns for better gout treatment.

Gout is consistently mismanaged by healthcare professionals throughout the world. The worst aspect is a universal failure to understand uric acid blood tests. Why is failure to understand uric acid blood test results so bad?

  • It leads to a failure to diagnose gout.
  • Gout sufferers are never acknowledged as having gout.
  • Gout sufferers never receive treatment.
  • Excess uric acid usually leads to permanent mobility problems.
  • Excess uric acid often leads to organ damage that can be fatal.

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Normal Uric Acid Blood Test Code

There is no standard uric acid blood test code. But there is a best code of practice. Get safe uric acid blood tests – the healthy way to test gouty blood.

Every lab has its own codes for testing, so what is a normal uric acid blood test code?

What we need to avoid is a normal code. Normal uric acid blood test results are dangerous. Here’s why.

There are no standard codes for uric acid blood tests. But, there are some important codes of practice that every doctor and laboratory should stick to. Normally, you will arrange blood tests through your doctor, though some gout sufferers prefer to use a walk-in lab testing service. If you are not sure which is the best method for you, you should ask in the gout forum.

Every uric acid blood test has the following procedure:

  1. Tests always start with a blood draw.
  2. Your specimen is then sent to the lab.
  3. Blood is analyzed according to specific tests you or your doctor have ordered.
  4. The laboratory sends a report to your doctor
  5. You talk to your doctor about your uric acid blood test results

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Stop Cruelty To Gout Patients!

Stop Cruelty To Gout Patients
Better Gout Treatment Now!

It’s high time we stopped being cruel to gout patients.

This campaign against normal uric acid levels is key to stopping gout cruelty. I’m certain that healthcare workers mean well, but if they don’t understand normal uric acid, they end up being cruel. If you don’t know about my NUANT campaign, take a quick look at that link to learn why I say “No Thanks!” to normal uric acid.

There are many levels of cruelty to gout patients.

Read how to Stop Cruelty To Gout Patients!

Stop Unsafe Normal Uric Acid Search Now!

Normal Uric Acid searches are unsafe. These averages are misleading. Gout treatment for women is not different to men. Get the safe urate search engine now.

In the search for truth about normal uric acid, Google continues to give us misleading results. Because none of the top results tell us that normal uric acid is meaningless. Worse than that – 6 of the top 10 results present unsafe uric acid as being acceptable. So how do you know which uric acid level is medically safe?

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