A disagreement about the safe level for uric acid blood level

Commenting on Uric Acid Level Ranges, Darth Vader writes:

You say that the safe uric acid level is 5.0 mg/dL and that over 7.0 is dangerous. You don’t provide a source.

However, my clinic says that the normal range is 3.5-7.2 (I’m at 6.4). Is this a controversial issue?

So my immediate reply is “Yes! Normal uric acid is controversial.” In fact, it’s the reason I started this campaign to stop using the term altogether. Because “normal” is a statistic with no medical value. Worse still, it leads to misdiagnosis and inadequate uric acid treatment.

But what can you do when your professional health advisors are confused by normal uric acid?

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Revise Normal Uric Acid Range Now

Over 5 years ago leading rheumatologists asked: “Is it time to revise the normal range of serum uric acid levels?”[1]

Of course, they knew then that the answer is “Yes!”

Because they argued the case with clear, indisputable logic. Yet nothing has been done. But at least you now have solid ammunition if a medical professional avoids gout diagnosis. Or refuses uric acid treatment.

I would drop the use of normal altogether. Because it has no clinical relevance in my opinion. But if the medical profession insists on maintaining this outdated reference range it should at least be accurate. So let’s see how the logic of this normal uric acid investigation applies to real-life…

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