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How Much Gout Have You Got?

Asking How Much Gout Have You Got is like asking How Pregnant Are You?

It’s totally pointless! Even worse than pointless, it’s evil!

You might wonder how a blood test result can be evil. Let me explain.

I’m a male. Like the post menopausal woman who wrote to me about her uric acid test results, a pregnancy test has no value to me. But I know how important they are. Imagine if a pregnancy test result came back with a Normal Range.

Normal range for children = 1.1-1.4

If it’s your first child, you’re worrying how to get another third of a child. If it’s your second, you’re worrying which bits they’ll chop off. If it’s your fifth, do you worry about infanticide?

Now, you might dismiss that as nonsense. You’d be right to do so. Nobody puts a Normal Range on pregnancy tests. It’s meaningless and would cause needless worry. That is exactly the same with uric acid test results. Normal Uric Acid is meaningless. Including it on test results causes needless worry, at best. At worst, it causes bad gout treatment. Bad gout treatment is evil.

When Carmela got her uric acid test result below the lowest point of the Normal Range, she worried. Can my uric acid be too low? I hope I’ve convinced her that there is no need to worry. Uric acid is like your appendix. You really don’t need it. Your life is perfectly happy with low uric acid. And the bonus is, you never need worry about gout. You never need worry about the life-threatening dangers of excess uric acid.

Please, can the labs stop putting a Normal Range on uric acid test results. It would be far better to include a safety guide. It could be similar to my guide on my gout forum pages.
Useful Uric Acid Ranges image

These are useful uric acid ranges.

Below 5mg/dL
5mg/dL – 6mg/dL
6mg/dL – 7mg/dL
Over 7mg/dL

It’s time to replace the meaningless statistics. Get rid of Normal Uric Acid. Replace it with useful medical ranges.

If you are worried or confused about Normal Uric Acid, please ask for help in my gout forum. If you have trouble using the forum, click the orange Uric Acid Support button, or raise a ticket in my Gout Helpdesk.

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