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Normal Uric Acid Blood Test Code

Every lab has it’s own codes for testing, so what is a normal uric acid blood test code?

What we need to avoid is a normal code. Normal uric acid blood test results are dangerous. Here’s why.

There are no standard codes for uric acid blood tests. But, there are some important codes of practice that every doctor and laboratory should stick to. Normally, you will arrange blood tests through your doctor, though some gout sufferers prefer to use a walk-in lab testing service. If you are not sure which is the best method for you, you should ask in the gout forum.

Every uric acid blood test has the following procedure:

  1. Tests always start with a blood draw.
  2. Your specimen is then sent to the lab.
  3. Blood is analyzed according to specific tests you or your doctor have ordered.
  4. The laboratory sends a report to your doctor
  5. You talk to your doctor about your uric acid blood test results

Normal Uric Acid Blood Test Codes Of Good Practice

You want the best results for your uric acid blood test. So, follow these good practice guidelines:

  • Arrange tests at the same time of day, and same time since your last meal
  • If concerned, ask your doctor about storage conditions, and the time before your blood is analyzed
  • It is best to get two extra blood tests at the same time as uric acid. These are the liver function test and the kidney function test. They are vital if you are taking any form of uric acid lowering treatment
  • When you get your test results, get a copy of the paperwork. You must make a note of the exact number. You need to know the exact number, and the scale. The most common scale in America is mg/dL. Other countries use mmol/L or μmol/L. You can convert between these different scales with the Uric Acid Calculator.
  • Always ignore reference ranges or similar statistical values. Such statistical norms do not help control gout. We are only ever concerned with medical gout safety.
  • Always ignore any mention of labels such as “normal, high, elevated, etc.”

That last point is vital. You must not accept Normal Uric Acid Blood Test results. They are meaningless. Instead, get your number and check the Uric Acid Levels Chart. Then, you can discuss your gout properly with your doctor. You can work together to keep your uric acid safe.

Normal Uric Acid Blood Test Codes photo
Normal Uric Acid Blood Test Code photo

Always remember: Normal is just a statisticians way of saying average. The number is useful for statistics, but it’s bad for gout. In my uric acid guidelines, I explain the principles of uric acid. You can learn how to manage it safely. But every gout sufferer is different, so I also give personal help in the gout forums. Use your Personal Gout Profile to keep track of your uric acid blood test results. Then get personal support to help you and your doctor manage your uric acid levels safely.

You can get personal help with your uric acid blood test results in the gout forum.

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