Uric Acid Blood Test Results Example (Davao)

Sharing Your Uric Acid Blood Test Results

Sharing your uric acid blood test is important.

Let’s look at how you can share your uric acid blood test results. But first, let me tell you why it is important to share.

Your Uric Acid Blood Test Results

Uric acid blood test results are often the most important part of your gout diagnosis. They are always a vital part of your gout treatment.

Even if you choose herbal, or non-medical ways to treat gout. You still need to test the amount of uric acid in your blood. During some stages of your treatment, you might need testing every month. During all your life, you must get tested at least once a year. This annual test is necessary even if you are not currently having a gout attack, or not receiving any form of gout treatment.

Once you have your uric acid blood test results, a good gout doctor will advise you what treatment, if any, is best to keep you safe from the dangers of excess uric acid. But is your doctor a good gout doctor? Has your doctor kept up-to-date with the latest advances in gout treatment? Has your doctor implemented practice changes recommended by leading rheumatologists? At least 3 out of every 4 primary care physicians have done none of these things.

They will rely on old labels for uric acid, such as ‘Normal’ which is completely outdated. If you don’t know why, see my introduction to NUANT – Normal Uric Acid: No Thanks!.

So, you must share your uric acid blood test results. That will allow you to get independent advice from the gout community. Sharing your results helps you make sure your uric acid levels are safe. But how do you share them?

Sharing Your Uric Acid Blood Test Results

Uric Acid Blood Test Results Example (Davao)It’s very easy to share your uric acid blood test results. You can tell me, and I will advise you if you are safe, and what you should do. It’s up to you if you want to take my information to your doctor, or if you want to discuss it in public first.

I am improving my public advice services. I want you to get the personal help you deserve, and you can contribute to these changes at Stopping Gout Together. If you want something simpler, just click the Uric Acid Support button, and tell me your results.

When you share your uric acid test results, it’s good to include as much information as possible. It’s especially important to include what your doctor has advised you about your results. As you can see from the photograph from one person’s uric acid test – the results can easily confuse you. Just because that result is classed as ‘Normal’ (statistically), it’s dangerous (medically).

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