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Stop Cruelty To Gout Patients!

Stop Cruelty To Gout Patients
Better Gout Treatment Now!

It’s high time we stopped being cruel to gout patients.

This campaign against normal uric acid levels is key to stopping gout cruelty. I’m certain that healthcare workers mean well, but if they don’t understand normal uric acid, they end up being cruel. If you don’t know about my NUANT campaign, take a quick look at that link to learn why I say “No Thanks!” to normal uric acid.

There are many levels of cruelty to gout patients.

Cruelty Of Late Gout Diagnosis

Gout is often discounted by doctors until their patient’s blood test results show 8mg/dL or sometimes higher. But gout is inevitable at 7, and probable at 6. Even at 5mg/dL, doctors should arrange annual blood tests. They should definitely suspect gout, and probably treat it.

We see lots of worried people in the gout forums. They have uric acid in the 5 to 8 range, yet their doctors say it’s not high enough for gout. Or even worse, “Uric acid’s not too high, so we won’t treat it yet.” Which brings me to…

Cruelty Of Inadequate Gout Treatment

Gout treatment left too late is obviously inadequate. Treat a man in his forties, and he can enjoy the rest of his working life and a healthy retirement. It’s cruel to delay treatment until a gout patient reaches his fifties. It leads to lost work opportunities in his fifties, lower pension on retirement, restricted mobility, and joint replacement. These are real risks of delaying uric acid lowering treatment, but there is worse cruelty than that.

Better Gout Treatment Banner
Stop Cruelty To Gout Patients
Better Gout Treatment Now!
Uric acid lowering treatment should remove any chance of prolonged damage and more gout attacks. Yet, most doctors only lower uric acid to the meaningless “Normal” level. It is worse than pointless. Incorrect treatment can cause more gout attacks than no treatment. I’ve discussed this with several elderly gentlemen who’ve suffered needless pain, yet they thought they were doing everything right. They’re bewildered by this cruel treatment. Which brings me to…

Cruelty Of Confusion and Stress

As well as the pain of avoidable gout attacks, patients suffer needless mental cruelty.

They don’t understand why the pain continues after years of treatment. They become convinced they are doing something wrong. In reality, the only thing they are doing wrong is failing to insist on adequate treatment.

But how are ordinary people supposed to understand the mistake of Normal Uric Acid? We rely on our doctors to make sense of complex medical matters. Yet, they fail us on the simple matter of confusing statistical norms with medical safety.

Help Stop Cruelty To Gout Patients

Stop Cruelty To Gout Patients
Better Gout Treatment Now!

You can help stop cruelty to gout patients by joining me in my NUANT – Normal Uric Acid: No Thanks campaign. Even something as simple as sharing your uric acid blood test results can help.

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