Stop Unsafe Normal Uric Acid Search Now!

Normal Uric Acid searches are unsafe. These averages are misleading. Gout treatment for women is not different to men. Get the safe urate search engine now.

Normal Uric Acid Search Misleading

In the search for truth about normal uric acid, Google continues to give us misleading results. Because none of the top results tell us that normal uric acid is meaningless. Worse than that – 6 of the top 10 results present unsafe uric acid as being acceptable. So how do you know which uric acid level is medically safe?

Normal Uric Acid Search

OK, maybe I need to calm down a bit. Then explain why every normal uric acid search is wrong.

Its very simple really. Statistics prove that people get gout. Then statisticians present a normal range to show average uric acid levels in people. And some of those normal people will get gout.

Now because Google is a robot it doesn’t know that you are not a statistician. So when you ask for normal uric acid it thinks you are asking about the Normal Distribution Curve of uric acid results. Look closer and you’ll see the clue – different normal uric acid for men and for women. That is probably very interesting to statisticians. But medically it’s meaningless. In fact, worse than that – it’s misleading.

So why does Google assume you’re a statistician?

I’ve no idea – you’ll have to ask Google. But in the meantime I’ll give you a free tool to stop Google’s misleading normal uric acid searches.

Stop Google’s Normal Uric Acid Search

First I should warn that Google robots rarely do as I tell them. So I rely on you to tell me when they start misbehaving again.

Let me explain by walking you through the normal uric acid results you get from a standard Google search…

On average, Normal Uric Acid searches are unsafe

For clarity, I have edited the screenshot to exclude results which do not mention uric acid ranges. But you can see the results in my new search tool linked below. Of the remaining results…

  1. I’ve banned chemocare. This is supposed to be advice for uric acid problems as a side effect of chemotherapy. As such it is irrelevant and misleading.
  2. After consideration, I’ve suspended healthline. They do continue to explain that “your target level if you have gout is a blood uric acid level of less than 6.0 mg/dL”. But that truth is partly hidden by other poor quality gout advice.
  3. This is fine – Revise Normal Uric Acid Range Now.
  4. I’ve moved wikipedia to a separate search. Because most of it’s content is mere opinion. But it often has good references for further research.
  5. I’ve suspended this page but not the rest of harvard. Because “Uric acid levels are normally below 7 milligrams per deciliter” is a lie. But most of the site is good. So I hope they correct that error soon. Then I can lift the suspension.
  6. I’ve moved drugs,com to a separate search. Because it has useful information about gout medicines. But not much idea how to manage gout.

Please note that I have not checked every result in detail. Also, as I mentioned above, the Google robots often change their minds about which results to include. But at least you have a tool to help you get safer uric acid searches.

Your Safer Uric Acid Search Tool

Before you go, I might have overreached by describing my new search tool as a provider of Crucial Information. Because it’s still in its infancy. So I have more to teach it about misleading results. That’s where you can help. By letting me know if any results are less than crucial.

Also, it’s not just for normal uric acid. Because it helps with all Internet searches. So please let me know how Croogling works for your Crucial Information.

Author: Keith Taylor

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