There’s No Blood Test For Gout!

People thought I was talking about a blood test for gout, earlier. I was careful to explain about uric acid blood tests.

It’s an important distinction, because it affects your gout diagnosis, and subsequent treatment. Blood test results can suggest gout, but they are not testing for gout.

Think of it like testing a car. You can check if there’s a normal amount of fuel in it. But that won’t tell you why the car won’t start.

If your doctor suspects gout, they will arrange a test for your uric acid according to their codes of practice. What you are most reliant on is expert analysis of uric acid levels. It’s not specifically a test for gout, but you should expect medical knowledge about uric acid levels. You should expect scientific consideration of other medical facts. You should expect a reasoned explanation of whatever ails you. Unfortunately, you often get the response that your uric acid level is normal, so you cannot have gout!

It’s absolute nonsense.

You have to stand up for yourself. Gout can be controlled easily if it is caught early enough. But if your doctor’s “blood test for gout” doesn’t make sense, you will suffer much more pain than you need to.

Nobody should except that gout is normal. It is a seriously dangerous medical condition.

If anyone ever tells you that your blood test for gout is normal, you need my help immediately.

Let’s work together to help all gout patients get better blood tests, and better uric acid lowering treatment. It starts with the basics. Gout is not normal, so say no to normal uric acid.

I want you to help me campaign against bad gout treatment and shout “NUANT!” Normal Uric Acid: No Thanks!. In return, I’ll help you control your gout.

Please search for more information about gout blood tests, using the search box on every page. Whenever you need personal help, go to my gout forum, or click the orange Uric Acid Support button.

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