NUANT: Why is it vital for your gout?

NUANT is a campaign for commonsense uric acid testing. Normal uric acid is only a statistic. Normal may not be medically safe. Normal Uric Acid? No Thanks!


I started NUANT in June 2011. Progress has been less than I hoped for. Is there ever enough time to campaign for better understanding of uric acid?

During 2015 I will reach out to gout sufferers. I will reach out to those who care enough to campaign for better gout treatment. Together, we can smash the myths that surround normal uric acid. We can promote better health for millions of people.

Here is an update to my original first post:

NUANT – Normal Uric Acid? No Thanks!

Normal Uric Acid? No Thanks! (NUANT) is the first of my campaigns for better gout treatment.

Gout is consistently mismanaged by healthcare professionals throughout the world. The worst aspect is a universal failure to understand uric acid blood tests. Why is failure to understand uric acid blood test results so bad?

  • It leads to a failure to diagnose gout.
  • Gout sufferers are never acknowledged as having gout.
  • Gout sufferers never receive treatment.
  • Excess uric acid usually leads to permanent mobility problems.
  • Excess uric acid often leads to organ damage that can be fatal.

Even where gout is diagnosed, failure to interpret uric acid test results can lead to poor quality treatment.

On this website, I explain :

  • The background to uric acid testing.
  • What uric acid tests are available.
  • Why uric acid tests are necessary.
  • Uric acid test problems.
  • Where do tests go wrong.
  • Consequences of test errors.
  • Guidelines for better uric acid testing.
  • Advice for doctors.
  • Explanations for patients.
  • Other tests that should be done at the same time.

This campaign will only work with your support. I need you to work with your doctor to make sure that uric acid test procedures are performed correctly. I also need help publicizing the campaign through local & national news media.

NUANT for Your Gout

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Are you worried about your normal uric acid blood test results? Please discuss NUANT in the uric acid forum now.

Author: Keith Taylor

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